Soil Preparation is a key factor for high yield gardens. Our basic Preparation Services include Sub Soiling, Middle Busting, Deep Tilling, and Hilling. All of these enhance water retention and minimize weed growth while optimizing the overall soil integrity by providing the proper environment for healthy root systems and high yields. Additional services are offered and can be discussed during your free evaluation.

Community Services

Garden Planning

Soil Preparation

Dedicated Services

Churches, Schools, Neighborhood Community Gardens, Clubs, and Organizations; you are all part of the local community and you understand how important it is to keep this city vibrant and healthy. We're doing our part too. Dedicated Services offers  generous discounts to community organizations to help promote a fun activity with healthy benefits. Give us a call for a free evaluation.

Nothing tastes better, or better for you, than fresh vegetables from your own back yard. Our Garden Planning Services can assure the Best Quality production for your space. From Raised Beds, to utilize your limited space, to traditional Row Gardens for those with a little more area; we have you covered. Give us a call for a free evaluation.

Bringing the Farm to the Neighborhood

"Soil and Garden Preparation for Small Acreage"